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Herald of Holiness - December 1, 1989 Wesley Tracy, Mark Graham, David J. Felter, Richard H. Neiderhiser, Taylor Caldwell, David Knaile, Chris Grube, Albert J. Lown, Paul Tarrant, Eugene L. Stowe, Rebecca Laird, Morris A. Weigelt, E. Dee Freeborn, Reuben Welch, Dorothy Tarrant, William E. McCumber, Stan Ingersol English
Chris Grube English
David Knaile English
Taylor Caldwell English
words of cheer for each day English
mastering our midnights English
Richard H. Neiderhiser English
Herald of Holiness - November 1, 1989 Wesley Tracy, James D. Hamilton, D. Moody Gunter, Mark Graham, Richard S. Taylor, Dorothy E. Hamilton, Blaine Robison, James Dobson, Ronald J. Scott, Ray Hendrix, Dorothy Tarrant, Morris A. Weigelt, Reuben Welch, Don Owens, E. Dee Freeborn, William E. McCumber, Rebecca Laird, Mark Graham English
Ronald J. Scott English
James Dobson English
Blaine Robison English
Dorothy E. Hamilton English
D. Moody Gunter English
James D. Hamilton English
Herald of Holiness - October 1, 1989 Wesley Tracy, Al Truesdale, Lillith Hofstedder, Bonnie J. Perry, Mark Graham, Tim White, Rebecca Laird, Reuben Welch, E. Dee Freeborn, John A. Knight, Dorothy Tarrant, Morris A. Weigelt, William E. McCumber, Stan Ingersol English
Tim White English
Lillith Hofstedder English
Herald of Holiness - September 1, 1989 Wesley Tracy, Helen Temple, Howard Culbertson, Dan Whitney, Phyllis H. Perkins, Neil Wiseman, Jerry D. Lambert, Susan Mills, Morris A. Weigelt, Reuben Welch, Dorothy Tarrant, Jerald Johnson, Rebecca Laird, E. Dee Freeborn, William E. McCumber, Mark Graham, Thelma J. Brunt English
Thelma J. Brunt English
Susan Mills English
Phyllis H. Perkins English
Dan Whitney English
Herald of Holiness - August 1, 1989 Wesley Tracy, Bill Manning, Grace Ketterman, Bonnie J. Perry, Todd M. Barnes, Dale R. Kreps, Mark Graham, Morris A. Weigelt, E. Dee Freeborn, Raymond W. Hurn, Dorothy Tarrant, Rebecca Laird, Reuben Welch, William E. McCumber, Jerald Johnson, Stan Ingersol English
Dale R. Kreps English
Todd M. Barnes English
Grace Ketterman English
Bill Manning English
Herald of Holiness - July 1, 1989 Wesley Tracy, William M. Greathouse, Michael A. Vasquez, Glen L. Van Dyne, Scott Chamberlain, Peg Paugh, Mark Graham, Kim Lundell, Stephen M. Miller, Linda Miller, Henry W. Spaulding II, Morris A. Weigelt, E. Dee Freeborn, Rebecca Laird, Dorothy Tarrant, William E. McCumber, Reuben Welch English
Rebecca Laird English
Linda Miller English
Kim Lundell English
Mapping of Surface Fire in Forested Biomes from Hyperspatial Imagery using Machine Learning Alexander T. Drinnon English
Peg Paugh English
Scott Chamberlain English
Alexander T. Drinnon English
Identifying Prostate Cancer in Biopsy Images using a Support Vector Machine and Decision Tree Hannah L. Moxham English
Glen L. Van Dyne English
Hannah L. Moxham English
Development of the Data Extraction Utility SweetData Jonathan Fenn English
Jonathan Fenn English
Herald of Holiness - June 15, 1989 William E. McCumber English
Herald of Holiness - June 1, 1989 William E. McCumber, Miriam Hall, Val Bolster, J. Wilmer Lambert, Lisa K. Ham, Elaine Cunningham, Charles Gailey, Beth Sharpton, C. Wayne Rice, Sharon Sheppard, Kenneth Sullivan, Russell J. Carlson, Ron Lush, Roy Williams, William M. Greathouse, Janalee Hoffman, Earl G. Lee, James Butts English
James Butts English
Janalee Hoffman English
Roy Williams English
Ron Lush English
Russell J. Carlson English
Kenneth Sullivan English
Sharon Sheppard English
C. Wayne Rice English
Beth Sharpton English
Lisa K. Ham English
Val Bolster English
Neva N. Flood English
Don Owens English
William Bradford Mercer English
Aarlie J. Hull English
Linda Pfotenhauer English
Jefferson D. Caskey English
Ora M. Jackson English
Creation of a Web-Based Audio Recorder Utilizing a USB Foot Pedal and External Microphone Isaac L. Kronz English
Isaac L. Kronz English
Creating a Mobile Application About Costa Rican Frogs and Toads Using React Native Emily Kelly English
Emily Kelly English
Evangelism English
Discipleship English
Counseling Department Scheduling and Accreditation Tool Zachary Garner English
Zachary Garner English
Classifying Wildland Fire Severity on Landsat Imagery Using Machine Learning Trained by Hyperspatial Imagery Nicholas A. Hamilton English
Nicholas A. Hamilton English
Classification of Aerial Imagery using a Relational Convolutional Neural Network Ryan Pacheco, Brendan Peltzer English
Brendan Peltzer English
Ryan Pacheco English
Herald of Holiness - May 15, 1989 William E. McCumber, Robert E. Coleman, Mark Eckart, Ora M. Jackson, Morris Chalfant, Jefferson D. Caskey, Linda Pfotenhauer, Ernie Gray, Aarlie J. Hull, J. Kenneth Grider, Nina Beegle, William Bradford Mercer, Jerald Johnson, Al Truesdale, Don Owens, Neva N. Flood English
Mark Eckart English
Robert E. Coleman English
Herald of Holiness - May 1, 1989 William E. McCumber, Roy Austin, Albert J. Lown, M. V. Scutt, Joyce McFarland, Rolland R. Reece, Joann Wollam, Dave Anderson, Ruth Cook, Nina Beegle, Sherrie Rose, Eugene L. Stowe, Dorothy Tarrant, Earl G. Lee, Michael S. Tinnon, Newman Sheldon English
Michael S. Tinnon English
Sherrie Rose English
Ruth Cook English
Dave Anderson English
Rolland R. Reece English
Joyce McFarland English
M. V. Scutt English
Roy Austin English
Herald of Holiness - April 15, 1989 William E. McCumber, Kenneth F. Watson, Tom Barnard, William H. Bray, Willis E. Snowbarger, Herb Prince, Stan Meek, Dellora West, Joseph D. Biscoe, Jr., Carole D. Mortenson, Lola M. Williams, V. Leo Kinnett, Neil C. Fitzgerald, John A. Knight, Al Truesdale, Howard Culbertson, Gary E. Johnson English
Gary E. Johnson English
1920-1929 Vista English
V. Leo Kinnett English
Carole D. Mortenson English
Joseph D. Biscoe, Jr. English
Herb Prince English
Kenneth F. Watson English
Herald of Holiness - April 1, 1989 William E. McCumber, Mark Sartin, J. Wilmer Lambert, Marilyn L. Christmore, Ross Hayslip, Charles W. Colson, Frank Eifert, Marion Syversen, Pat Johnston, Jerry McCant, Dan Hayes, Dorothy Boone Kidney, George M. Schweikhardt, Raymond W. Hurn, Earl G. Lee, Nina Beegle, Carole L. Spengler, Marilyn Black Phemister, Merle Lamprecht, Mark R. Littleton English
Marilyn Black Phemister English
George M. Schweikhardt English
Dan Hayes English
Pat Johnston English
Marion Syversen English
Charles W. Colson English