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Laurie Dent English
Academic librarians' teacher identity development through the scholarship of teaching and learning: a mixed methods study Lauren Hays English
Educator misconduct in Idaho: a quantitative analysis Lance K. Harrison English
Lance K. Harrison English
A quantitative study investigating the critical ninth-grade year and how grit influences student academic success Guy A. Kovacs English
Guy A. Kovacs English
“Not so backwards”: a phenomenological study on the lived experiences of high achieving post-secondary students with dyslexia Christopher Cipolla English
Christopher Cipolla English
Utilizing participatory action research to implement evidence-based social skills interventions for elementary students with high functioning autism in inclusive classroom settings Tracey Silveira-Zaldivar English
Tracey Silveira-Zaldivar English
Teacher stress in rural schools: a phenomenological study on stress and its effect on teacher-perceived physical and mental well-being Patrick Wade Randall English
No bells: closing the achievement gap with personalized competency-based learning in a small rural high poverty school district Jeff Dillon English
The impact of Bloomz app on parent-teacher interaction in middle schools serving low-socioeconomic, rural communities F. Javier Castaneda English
Going global: a phenomenological case study of self-efficacy in an international school's professional learning communities Darik Williams English
Darik Williams English
Amy C. Ackley English
To choose or not to it really a question? A mixed methods study exploring student choice, assessment, and technology use of the elementary 21st century learner Amy C. Ackley English
Becoming a new superintendent of schools: examining the tyro transition Rupak Manoj Gandhi English
Rupak Manoj Gandhi English
Torus Knots Moyra Dyer English
PLNU Undergraduate Honors Projects English
Sunday School - Preschool, Year 1 (Teacher & Student) English
Reading English
Factors Affecting the Quality of Life Postpartum: A Literature Update Reena Torres English
A Web-Based Guide to the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Ophthalmic Pathologies Carlee Taylor English
Homomorphic Encryption Bryan Tapley English
Evaluation of the Braden Scale In Regards to the Efficacy of Predicting Skin Breakdown Related to Medical Devices Lauren Struffenegger, Emma Valeri English
Neuronal Pyrophosphatase Catalyzed Entanglement of Phosphate Ions in Posner Molecules Andy Stokely English
The Role of Tumor Necrosis Factor Receptor Superfamily Molecules on regulation of T cell response to Zika virus Becca Salgado English
Physical Health, Nutrition Knowledge, Food Consumption, and Quality of Life in Female Collegiate Runners Megan Miller English
An Examination of the Social, Political, and Economic Experiences of the Latinx LGBTQ Population in Southern California Elina Mendoza English
Helping Babies Breathe: Neonatal Resuscitative Teaching to Midwives in Ghana, West Africa Hannah Matthews, Olivia Meyers English
Survivor-Informed Recommendations for Health Care Professionals on How to Better Treat Victims of Sex Trafficking Mays Makenna English
Pertinent Health Needs and Values in City Heights, San Diego and How They Inform a Local Health Fair Hope Mackliff, Alyssa Waggoner English
The New Testament’s References to Same-Sex Sex in their Greco-Roman Cultural and Historical Context Madeline LoMonaco English
Computational Analysis of the Relationships Between Antibiotic Resistance and Plasmid Backbone Genes Mariele Lensink English
A Study of Pencil Urchin Population Genetics at Hannibal Bank Lee Hannah English
Pornography’s Effect on the Circulation of Rape Culture Megan Kleber English
Evidence of Energetic Charged Particle Emission During Electrochemical Pd/D Co-deposition Micah Karahadian English
Which Factors Cause People to Use Illicit Drugs? Mallory Huston English
Kekeli Women: The Impact of Being A Community Health Promoter in Ghana, West Africa Kathrin Hoertig English
What People Volunteer?: A Look Into How Race, Gender, Religion and Socioeconomic Status Effect Prosociality in America Michael Gracia English
Predator-prey relationships for coyote (Canis latrans), ocelot (Leopardus pardalis), and puma (Puma concolor) in Costa Rican ecosystems Amy Eppert English
Studies at Hannibal Bank, Panama: A Study of Evolutionary History of Mollusks and Developing a Program to Review Dive Track Data Sebastian Elsenbroek English
Concurrent Validity And Reliability of Mobile Applications In Measuring Vertical Jump Performance Madelyn Dow English
Student Evaluations of Faculty Generosity and Course Quality Francesca De Francisco English
Navigating Faith in Criminal Justice Sharoll Damron English
In Vitro Assembly of Bacteriophage Lambda Procapsid to Enable Payload Encapsulation For Targeted Drug Delivery Rachel Culver, Ashley Julio English
Pentecost 1 English
Pentecost 3 English
Pentecost 2 English
Pentecost English
Bioassay-guided Isolation of a Natural Product Inhibitor of Epicoccum Nigrum to Combat Citrus Greening Disease Jennifer Cordoza English
Cerebrovascular Crises Leading to Major Neurological Disabilities and Rehabilitation Implications for the Occupational Therapist Megan Butterweck English
Novel vancomycin and macrolide-lincosamide-streptogramin B resistance plasmids from a set of multi-drug-resistant Enterococcus isolated from biofilm grown in wastewater Joseph Bravo English
Bioassay-Guided Investigation Of Inhibitors Of Pierce’s Disease And Citrus Greening Disease Connor Brandenburg English
The Effects of High-Intensity Interval Training versus Moderate-Intensity Continuous Training on Maximal Oxygen Uptake in Sedentary Adults Jacob Barragan English
The Experience of Childbirth at a Midwife-Run Birth Center Samantha Archer English
Samantha Archer English
The Role of the Microbiome in Human Health Verushqa Andrade English
Kripkenstein: The Patriarchy Is a Language Game Emilie Anderson English
Navigating Macrophage Polarization Audrianna Alonso English
Africa, O Africa Louise Robinson Chapman English
2019 Conference - Flourishing Pastors, Flourishing Congregations English
ANSR Conferences English
Maps English
Demographics English
Reports English
Research Collections English
Research Contact English
Reading List English
John Shaver English
Callie Frizzell English
Katherine Inscore English
Tori Marshall English
Ben Stinson English
Judge Othniel: Model of a Deliverer Amy Trosen English
Saul's Experience with Christ Johanna Poole English
Johanna Poole English
Reflections on Wesley's understanding of social holiness Floyd T. Cunningham English
Maps Beyond Geography Stéphane Tibi English
Teresa English
Bold Vacation Bible School English
Adult Ministries English
Bodas de Oro English Guide Dorotea Ahleman English
SDMI Videos English
ET-302: Christian Theology 2 Nazarene Theological Institute (Africa Region) English
The Academy Perspective Vol. 28 2018-2019 English
The Academy Perspective Vol. 27 2017-2018 English
The Academy Perspective Vol. 26 2016-2017 English
[[ Madame Tutli-Putli (2007) watch new movies online free HD Putlocker English
A Study of Genes Expressed in Immunoglobulin M B Cells Christiana Crook English
Daniel Behr English
Daniel Behr English
Daniel Behr English
Daniel Behr English
BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! Interpreting Words and Images in Revelation. Daniel Behr English
Probability and Truth In Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Enthymeme Daniel Behr English
“We’ve Got Spirit, Yes we do:” Sanctification in the Acts Church Daniel Behr English
“Why Can’t We All Just Get Along:” A New Norm for Managing Conflict in the Church. Daniel Behr English