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Title Author(s) Language
Gregory Smith
Syncretism/Christianity & Other Religions English
Branson C. Roberts Jr.
Stephen Grove
Trevechoes, 1952-1953 English
Jaron L. Graham
Trevechoes, 1951-1952 English
Milton Karahadian
Trevechoes, 1950-1951 English
Engaging Capitalism with Wesleyan Theology Kevin Twain Lowery, Paul R. Koch English
Thomas W. Taylor Jr.
Paul R. Koch English
Trevechoes, 1948-1949 English
Where Justice Meets Compassion: A Christian Assessment of Illegal Immigration Kevin Twain Lowery, Courtney Fuqua English
Trevechoes, 1949-1950 English
Courtney Fuqua English
Trevechoes, 1948-1949 English
Wesleyan Theology and Christian Ethics Kevin Twain Lowery English
Holiness/Sanctification English
Posture Analysis from Images Jayden Weaver English
Learning to Think Ethically: Moral Development for University Students Kevin Twain Lowery English
Jayden Weaver English
Evaluation of Texture as a Fourth Input of Spatial Context Using Machine Learning to Map Wildland Fire Effects Jonathan M. Branham English
Kevin Twain Lowery English
Jonathan M. Branham English
Database System for Nampa Family Justice Center Matlyn Elizabeth Knott English
Matlyn Elizabeth Knott English
Casey Lewis English
Mark Oliver Walker
Katelyn E. Kreis
Х. Рей Даннинг Russian
Daniel R. Smith
Autonomous Drone Project Casey Lewis English
Trevechoes, 1947-1948 English
Barry W. Kennard
Sacraments/Baptism/Lord's Supper (Communion) English
The Other Sheep, 1933-1934, Vol. 21 English
The Other Sheep, 1936-1937, Vol. 24 English
Holy Spirit/Jesus Christ/Trinity English
The Other Sheep 1935-1936, Vol. 23 English
Kaleidoscope: Identity in Motion Jonathan Lee Bremer English
Jonathan Lee Bremer
“What Is Justice?”: An Investigation of Atonement Theories and Their Impacts on Justice in the United States Jonah Christav Wilson English
Jonah Christav Wilson
A Two-Charge Theory of Gravity Ye Jin Han English
The Other Sheep, 1931-1932, Vol. 19 English
Herald of Holiness - March 15, 1989 William E. McCumber, Artie Whitworth, Charles Gailey, Albert J. Lown, J. Melton Thomas, Russell F. Metcalfe, Jr., Dorothy Boone Kidney, Stan Meek, Paul Tarrant, Dellora West, Virgie Mae Webber-Klein, E. Ruth Glover, William M. Greathouse, Kathie Ketchum, Al Truesdale, Newman Sheldon English
2016-2017 Honors Projects English
Ye Jin Han
Newman Sheldon English
2017-2018 Honors Projects English
Virgie Mae Webber-Klein English
Dorothy Boone Kidney English
Diagnosing and Rebuilding a Server System After a Major Failure Glen Luengen English
Glen Luengen
Trevechoes, 1946-1947 English
Charles Gailey English
2018-2019 Honors Projects English
Bradley Teigan
Artie Whitworth English
PLNU Theses and Dissertations English
The Other Sheep 1934-1935, Vol. 22 J. G. Morrison English
D. Min. Projects English
Point Loma Nazarene University Archives English
GU Departmental Honors Thesis English
Douglas J. Hopkins English
I Can Tell by Your Accent: Accent Perception and Discrimination Marjorie Price English
Marjorie Price
A New Quantum Eraser Using Hyperentangled Photons Draven W. Houser English
Tammy Carter
Draven W. Houser
Pride Goeth Before a Fall Rachel VanderWoude English
The Narcissistic Psyche Rachel VanderWoude English
Rachel VanderWoude English
The Camel Chinese, Traditional
How to Fill the Emptiness Chinese, Traditional
更新版按牧進修手冊內文(全) Sourcebook on Ordination (2016) Chinese, Traditional
Greenville Contact English
Greenville Collections English
Greenville University Institutional Repository
Herald of Holiness - December 15, 1988 William E. McCumber, J. Grant, Jr. Swank, Curt Bowers, Ruth Wood Vaughn, Michael Christensen, J. Michael Curry, Donna Gilbert, C. Neil Strait, William Goodman, Alice Hansche Mortenson, Sara Ann DuBose, Mark R. Littleton, E. Ruth Glover, Raymond W. Hurn, Al Truesdale, Lorene Whittington, Scott Meador, Connie Unknown English
Scott Meador English
Lorene Whittington English
Mark R. Littleton English
Sara Ann DuBose English
Donna Gilbert English
Herald of Holiness - December 1, 1988 William E. McCumber, M. H. Rozzell, C. Neil Strait, Morris Chalfant, W. Thomas Umbel, Nina Beegle, Jo Harvey, John F. Hay, Suk-Woon Lee, Carole L. Spengler, Ann Womack Lundberg, William Goodman, Jerald Johnson, Dorothy Tarrant, Karen Bird, Earl G. Lee, Cindy L. Evans, Lois Blanchard Eades, Richard A. Miller, Connie Unknown English
Lois Blanchard Eades English
Cindy L. Evans English
Karen Bird English
Suk-Woon Lee English
W. Thomas Umbel English
M. H. Rozzell English
Herald of Holiness - November 15, 1988 William E. McCumber, Robert E. Maner, Albert F. Harper, Albert J. Lown, Ruth Wood Vaughn, Karl Giberson, Mark Graham, Joyce A. Chandler, Paul A. McCoy, Richard A. Miller, Floyd Mager, John A. Knight, Al Truesdale, Carol Zurcher, Ron DeWitt English
Ron DeWitt English
Floyd Mager English
Paul A. McCoy English
Karl Giberson English
Ruth Wood Vaughn English
Herald of Holiness - November 1, 1988 William E. McCumber, Ron Mercer, C. Neil Strait, Herbert McGonigle, William Goodman, Kathy Moseberry, Curt Bowers, Stan Meek, Neil Hightower, Ray Hendrix, Richard A. Miller, E. Ruth Glover, Marlene J. Chase, Eugene L. Stowe, Earl G. Lee, Dorothy Tarrant, Katy Houk, Stephen W. Seelig English