Celebrating Holiness: Prayer and Fasting Guide

Celebrating Holiness

The time of prayer and fasting is a time to petition our Father to ignite a hunger and passion for holiness in unprecedented ways within us and throughout the Church of the Nazarene in Africa; a time to ask God to light the fires of revival and to send showers of blessings down on His people. It is a time to pray for a holiness revival, and to allow the Holy Spirit to sanctify us and to prepare us to be His instruments to usher in a time of refreshing and a great harvest. This time will be a time of preparation before the Celebrating Holiness emphasis covering the next seven weeks.

This information was compiled to help each local church as they participate in this time of consecration.
Prayer for Holiness Revival
  • Prayer Group Emphasis
  • Prayer Calendar
  • Prayer Walking
  • The Hour That Changes the World
  • Prayer Summit Model
  • Concert of Prayer and Praise Model
Fasting for Holiness Revival
  • A Prayer Calendar for the 47 days of the Lenten Period from Ash Wednesday to Easter Sunday with suggested programmes and activities for your local church and members of the congregation to participate in during the Celebrating Holiness Prayer and Fasting period.
  • A detailed explanation and possible programme for each suggested activity.

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