Children's Bible Story Book, Vol. 1

From the introduction

Children play an important role in the Kingdom of God. In the gospels of Matthew and Mark, Jesus tells the disciples to allow the children to come to Him, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven. In Deuteronomy we are charged to teach our children the truths of God’s word day and night. There can be no greater charge than to bring God’s children to a saving knowledge of Him.

To do this we must help the children develop a clear understanding of who God is – what characterizes God, how has he worked through history to show himself to mankind, and how does he interact with us today. These Bible stories were developed so that children could have a clear understanding of who God is and how to relate to Him. Each story is written to reveal the characteristics of God and how he has worked in the lives of people. They show God’s desire for relationship with His creation. The stories are taken from the Bible with an attempt to be closely worded with the Word of God. Along with the story are questions that relate to the story and help to draw out God’s truths. They will clarify certain points of the story, reinforce key concepts and help the children to apply the lessons of God’s word to their own lives. The prayers help the children focus on who God is and how He is at work in their lives.

The memory verse will relate to a key concept of the story or focus on a revealed characteristic of God. The Bible instructs us to hide His word in our hearts, that we might not sin against Him. Children memorize easily and quickly so there is no better time to begin to hide His Word. Practice each story throughout the week so that you can read the story with fluency and expression. It is important to look up once in awhile and look the children in the eyes. This will help them to feel connected to the story. In preparing the lesson, read the chapter(s) in the Bible from which the story was taken. Read the chapter before and after so that you are prepared to answer the children’s questions.

In preparing the lesson, if you are unsure of an answer yourself, ask your pastor. Give the children thinking time when asking the questions. If the children are unable to answer, give them clues or hints before giving them the answers. They will remember their own conclusions longer. Allow different children to respond and try to avoid having the same child continuously answer. The prayer is meant to be a guide to help focus the children on the points of the story that are relevant to their lives and point them towards are Heavenly Father. Feel free to add to them. In the teacher’s guide there are several games to enrich the memorization of verses. Make this a fun activity for the children to reinforce the joy of learning God’s word. Also review previously learned verses as time allows. Most children learn more by doing than hearing. Include drama, puppets, crafts and other extended activities to enrich the story and reinforce learning. There are many ideas listed in the Teacher’s guide. Offer a variety of activities so that children who learn in different styles can benefit. Have fun telling the stories and interacting with the children.

Pray that each will develop a love for God’s word and a desire to know and serve their Creator God. It is our hope and prayer that by the end of a three-year cycle of Bible stores that children throughout Africa will have a firm foundation of God’s Word and a clear understanding of who God is. We hope that through these stories many will find the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ and their lives will be transformed forever.

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