Is this legal?


In the age of the Internet, content is king. And in the mad scramble to populate web sites with good content, many people are losing control of the work they have labored to bring into the world.

Copyright law can be confusing, and even the most well-intentioned people can accidentally release an author's intellectual property. Many authors themselves are guilty of giving away their work after they have previously sold that right to others.

Given the spread of content across the Internet that is posted without the permission of those with legal permission to make it available, the WHDL has taken a different approach. Content editors and reviewers must verify the legal permission to post each document they upload here. In many cases, it takes extraordinary measures to verify these permissions. But the end result is that you can be assured that any content you receive from the WHDL is completely legal for your use according to the copyright statements attached to each resource.

For many older works not yet in the public domain, authors who have died have left their rights to their heirs. Finding the authors and heirs can sometimes require Sherlock Holmes-like detective ability. Because of this, there are many works we desire to add to the WHDL, but which we cannot post because we do not have legal permission. For those authors and heirs we cannot reach, perhaps you can help. On this page we will keep a running list of titles in our possession, and the authors who created them. If you know how to reach these authors or the heirs of these authors, please email us.