The flaws of fundamentalism in an urban world

Let me suggest three areas where Fundamentalist paradigms (among several that I could posit) threaten to derail or erode our ministry to the city. These are: 1. Variant histories and allegiances in the city; 2. The nature of evil in the city; 3. The role of chaos in the city.

I find Fundamentalism and, sometimes, Evangelicalism (of which I am a partisan), frustrated in connecting their form of Gospel to the City. I wish it were otherwise. I appreciate their zeal; I admire their Scholasticism; I honor their devotion to certain ethical behaviors. But until attitudes are modified and some theological paradigms adjusted, I am afraid that we will find that this witness is marginalized, disengaged, or shunted towards an impotent message to the City or disfigured in a way that will not be recognized by those who desired so much to save it.

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