Living Water, Nov. 23, 1911

Living Water image 23 Nov 1911

November 23, 1911
Editor: Rev. J.O. McClurkan, Rev. M. Pike, Associate editor.
Nashville, TN: Pentecostal Mission Publishing Company.
16 pages

“Evangelizing the Out-Of-The-Way Places”; page 1
Hills, A.M.; “Romans and Sanctification”; page 3
Anderson, Mrs. May Mabbette; “Waters from the Sanctuary”; page 4
Butler, J.T.; “Striking Incidents from a Missionary’s Life”; page 5
Dixon, A.C.; “Pleasure May Kill My Joy”; page 6
“Editorial Comment”; page 9
“Our Young People”; page 10
Meakin, Rev. Henry T.; “A Washtub Story”; page 14
Nugent, P.R.; “Sunday School Lessons—Nehemiah Builds the Walls of Jerusalem (Neh. 4:6-18); page 16

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