Lois Blanchard Eades

Lois Blanchard Eades was a poet residing in Dickson, Tennessee, in the 1980s.

From the Herald of Holiness - December 1, 1988.

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Language: English

Herald of Holiness - April 15, 1987

William E. McCumber
Raymond W. Hurn
Randall G. Wright
John Minter
Fred A. Mund
C. Dale German
Mark R. Moore
Edward F. Cox
Stan Ingersol
Nancy Clark
Kenneth Vogt
Maxine E. Crain
Lois Blanchard Eades
Donna Clark Goodrich
Dean Wessels
Neil Hightower
Fletcher L. Tink
John W. May
Richard J. Simons, Jr.
College Church of the Nazarene and 4 students in front of Benner Library on the campus of Olivet Nazarene University
Nazarene College Day--April 26

2 Monster Cities, General Superintendent: Raymond W. Hurn
3 Remembering “Old Jim”, Randall G. Wright
4 Letters
5 Nazarene College Report Card, John Minter
6 The Ministry of Music, Fred A. Mund
8 How Christian Education Changed My Life, C. Dale German
9 “Because You Gave…”, Mark R. Moore
10 Reflections of a College Chaplain, Edward F. Cox
11 Nazarene Roots: Nature, Grace, and Spirit in the Scheme of Education: The Inauguration of E. P. Ellyson, Stan Ingersol
12 A Girl, a Shop, and a New Church, Nancy Clark

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Herald of Holiness - August 1, 1984

William E. McCumber
Marion Schoeberlein
V. H. Lewis
Jerry Nelson
Ernie McNaught
David J. Tarrant
Frances B. Erickson
Mary Lee Cagle
Shirley Wilkerson
Bud Reedy
William Goodman
Richard S. Taylor
Lyndell Leatherman
Nina McLain
E. Ruth Glover
Lois Blanchard Eades
Faye C. Stowe
Evelyn Stenbock Ditty
Mary Lou Coburn
A red sunrise over water and a poem.
the Artist: I love to watch God paint the dawn/ In scarlet flush and gold;/ I love to watch Him touch the sky/ In colors bright and bold; I love to watch God paint the dusk/ In purple-shadowed gray;/Then leave His name upon it all--/Artist of night and day. --Marion Schoeberlein Elmhurst, Illinois

(Cover) The Artist (a Poem), Marion Schoeberlein
2 Sin – Terrible Enemy, General Superintendent: V. H. Lewis
3 “If He Can Do It for Kiki, He Can Do It for Me”, Jerry Nelson
4 Letters
5 When It Rains – He Pours, Ernest McNaught
6 In Nukes We Trust?, David J. Tarrant
7 I Found My Song (a Poem), Frances B. Erickson
8 Looking Unto Jesus, Mary Lee Cagle
9 Never Too Late, Shirley Wilkerson
10 The Need for Christian Leadership, Bud Reedy
11 Crime Prevention, William Goodman

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Herald of Holiness - December 1, 1988

William E. McCumber
M. H. Rozzell
C. Neil Strait
Morris Chalfant
W. Thomas Umbel
Nina Beegle
Jo Harvey
John F. Hay
Suk-Woon Lee
Carole L. Spengler
Ann Womack Lundberg
William Goodman
Jerald Johnson
Dorothy Tarrant
Karen Bird
Earl G. Lee
Cindy L. Evans
Lois Blanchard Eades
Richard A. Miller
Connie Unknown
A globe with a bible superimposed on it.
Where Chaos Causes Rejoicing/ The Nature of Things/ Guidance for Stargazers/ Church of the Nazarene

4 The Measure of the Stature of Christ, M. H. Rozzell
5 Advent, C. Neil Strait
6 The Hopefulness of the Advent Season, Morris Chalfant
7 Family Tree: Cracked Limbs And Bruised Fruit, W. Thomas Umbel
10 Where Chaos Causes Rejoicing, Nina E. Beegle
11 A Bible Falling Apart, Jo Harvey
12 The Nature of Things, John F. Hay
14 A Prisoner Organized a Mission, Suk-Woon Lee
15 Restitution - God’s Persistence and Man’s Obedience, Carole L. Spengler
18 “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep…”, Ann Womack Lundberg

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Herald of Holiness - December 15, 1986

William E. McCumber
Charles Strickland
Lois Blanchard Eades
Neil Hightower
J. Grant, Jr. Swank
Ray Hendrix
Marie Butler
Lucile Waer
Robert L. Blakely
Stan Ingersol
E. Ruth Glover
Hal M. von Stein
William M. Greathouse
Pauline E. Spray
Joyce A. Chandler
An arrangement of a white poinsettia, a Bible, and purple taper candles on evergreen branches dusted with snow..

2 Christmas – Its Personal Message, General Superintendent: Charles H. Strickland
3 Christmas Sonnets, Lois Blanchard Eades
4 Letters
5 Christmas Song Produces, Neil E. Hightower
6 Every Day is Christmas, J. Grant Swank, Jr.
8 Christmas: A Time for Reconciliation, Anonymous
9 “Because You Gave…”, Ray Hendrix
10 The Intercession, Marie Butler
10 If at Christmas (a Poem), Lucile Waer
11 Nazarene Roots: Christmas in Kishorganj, 1929, Stan Ingersol

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Herald of Holiness - January 15, 1984

William E. McCumber
Orville Jenkins
Charles Gailey
Lois Blanchard Eades
Terrell C., Jr. Sanders
Rosalie McElroy
J. Kenneth Grider
Phineas F. Bresee
Al Truesdale
Alice Hansche Mortenson
Oscar F. Reed
William Goodman
Reeford L. Chaney
Frank Eifert
Evelyn Stenbock Ditty
Richard S. Taylor
Yvette Dean
A. Brent Cobb
Steve Cooley
Shades of Blue background with the seal of Nazarene Theological Seminary in white, red, and black.
Nazarene Theological Seminary Kansas City, Missouri, 1945/ Seminary Sunday January 29, 1984

2 They Merit Our Support, General Superintendent: Orville W. Jenkins
3 God’s Rescue Operation, Charles R. Gailey
3 Come Over and Help Us (a Poem), Lois Blanchard Eades
4 Letters
5 Why Celebrate?, Terrell C. Sanders. Jr.
6 The Greatest Gift (a Poem), Rosalie McElroy
6 Observations after Thirty Years, J. Kenneth Grider
8 Pentecost, Phineas F. Bresee
9 Nazarene Roots: A. M. Hills: The Educating of a Nazarene Theologian, Steve Cooley
10 Christian Living in a Non-Christian World, Albert L. Truesdale

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Herald of Holiness - May 15, 1987

William E. McCumber
John A. Knight
C. Dale German
Carolyn Merrifield Eliseuson
Albert J. Lown
Nadine Luoma
G. Roger Schoenhals
Stan Ingersol
Richard S. Taylor
Donna Fillmore
Dorothy I. Baird
David Constable
Barbara J. Jones
Lois Blanchard Eades
Terri Cobb
Jack Conn
Barbara Malliett
Jesus ascending into heaven with clouds in the background
"This same Jesus, who was taken up from you into heaven, will so come in like manner as you saw Him go into heaven." Acts 1:11b, NKJV

2 Worship and the Authority of Jesus, General Superintendent: John A. Knight
3 Matthew, C. Dale German
4 Letters
5 Chipping Away, Carolyn J. Merrifield
6 The Humanity of Jesus, Albert J. Lown
7 My Prayer (a Poem), Nadine Luoma
8 How to Have a Great Vacation, G. Roger Schoenhals
9 Nazarene Roots: Charles McConnell’s Journalism and the Realities of Faith, Stan Ingersol
10 What is Wrong with the Occult?, Richard S. Taylor
11 “Because You Gave…”, Donna Fillmore
12 Sharing God’s Love, Dorothy I. Baird

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Herald of Holiness - November 15, 1987

William E. McCumber
Charles Strickland
Raymond C. Kratzer
Oval L. Stone
L. Guy Nees
Jaime Kratz
Connie Unknown
J. Grant, Jr. Swank
Stan Ingersol
Sam Lever
Artie Whitworth
Morris Chalfant
Geraldine Nicholas
C. Dale German
Aleta Harris
Lois Blanchard Eades
Jesse L. Buchanan
A Bible opened to Psalms with two orange taper candles with a bouquet of mums and gourds.

2 Lest We Forget, General Superintendent: Charles H. Strickland
3 The Eternal Adequacy, Raymond C. Kratzer
4 Letters
5 Searching For Your Heart, Oval L. Stone
6 Compassion at the Local Level, L. Guy Nees
7 “Because You Gave…”, Jaime Kratz, Sr.
7 Entering into His Gates (a Poem), Connie
8 Freedom in the Fire, J. Grant Swank, Jr.
9 Nazarene Roots: Appointed to Lead: The First District Superintendents, Stan Ingersol
10 A Missionary Looks at Matthew 5:5, Sam Lever

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