New Dimensions in Life

Subtitle: New Thoughts from the Old Law (The Ten Commandments)
From the Foreword by John A. Knight:
“Here is a fascinating, in-depth presentation of the eternal truths found in the Ten Commandments. It is pertinent because it deals with the fundamental problem of modern man, namely, his ‘authority hang-up.’ …
“If you are looking for a repetition of the old cliches, or even a catchy way of recasting old thoughts, these essays are not for you. While they deal with the enduring truths in these Ten Words,’ they are incisive in their application to contemporary living. …”
1. Who's in First Place?
2. Building Barriers
3. Checkup on Name Calling
4. The Other Six Days
5. The Generation Gap
6. New Ways to Destroy a Man
7. Mishandling God's Gift
8. A New Look at Thievery
9. The Color o f the Mind
10. What Are You Thinking?
Reference Notes
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