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How We Got Our Bible

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Ralph Earle

How We Got Our Bible comes out of the renewed interest generated in biblical studies of the 1970s. The desire to understand what the Bible is inspired this study which moves from its origin, to its preservation, to its transmission, to its translation, to its propagation, to its communication.

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The Federal Theatre Project in Kansas City, Missouri, 1936

The Federal Theatre Project (FTP), a sub-program of the Works Progress Administration (WPA), created in 1935, included large and small cities all over the United States. In 1936, from January 8 to October 15, the little-known Kansas City unit employed thirty-one workers, six women and twenty-five men, of whom twenty-seven were on relief. Positions included two supervisory, twenty professional and technical, four skilled, five intermediate, and two unskilled. Four workers were returned to private employment.