Holy Spirit, How I Long to Know You Better

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The inspiration for writing this thoughtful devotional about a deeper personal knowledge of the Holy Spirit came in the closing days of 2016. The New Year season invites us to reflect on events that occurred during the year. The eve of another year leads us to think of some events that marked our lives. The media underlines and presents the most relevant events that happened. The media also presents the most important or prominent personalities of the year.

I have developed the habit of dedicating special time to prayer, fasting, and reading of the Scriptures, particularly the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts, during this time. I also try to read a book. In addition, I use the yearend tradition to look for a biblical theme that will serve as a guide for my life and my ministry in the new year. This custom has helped me to maintain a biblical emphasis that gives direction to my life during the new year. It is similar to the popular tradition of establishing resolutions for the new year. As we say in Spanish, “New Year, New life.”

While I was praying for a subject for 2017, I felt a strong impulse that the emphasis should be to seek the Holy Spirit and learn more about His presence in my life. This topic led me to search the biblical references where the Holy Spirit is mentioned in my electronic concordance. The quotes I found were used for my personal devotions, since my emphasis for the new year would be to learn more about the Holy Spirit. As I did these devotions, I also had the opportunity to share in the monthly e-newsletter of Multicultural Ministries some of the topics and thoughts I encountered.

I have enjoyed knowing more about the sweet presence of the Holy Spirit and His work in my life. This experience has greatly enriched my personal and ministerial life. It seems to me that many leaders and believers know about and believe the basic doctrines of the Holy Spirit, but we may not know Him as we should. It is my prayer that the cal sources and quotes from people who have lived under the guidance of the Spirit and have had a wonderful walk with Him, may serve as an inspiration and a foundation for readers to yearn for and know more the Holy Spirit in their lives for the service and the work of the ministry. I long to know the Holy Spirit more and more.

- Roberto Hodgson