The Other Sheep, 1935, March, v.22, no.9

Other Sheep: Holding the Ropes

A monthly journal devoted to the Foreign Missionary interests of the Church of the Nazarene.

J.G. Morrison, D.D., Editor

Table of Contents:

2  Holding The Ropes, Anon. (poem)

    A Crusade For Souls

  Touring The West Coast

  Land Of Oranges

  Blessed Revival Among San Antonio Mexicans

  Do You Really Pray?

3 A Day Of Missionary Victory

  Missionary Conventions on Nebraska District

  Miss Pelley In Yorkshire

  Trevecca Students Support Two Orphans

  Disappointed Applicants To The Mission Fields

  General Assembly Releases

  Nazarene Missionary Sanitarium

  “Are You Within Calling Distance?”

4 Some One Had Prayed, Mary G. Eshelman

  An Extraordinary Convention

Men’s Chapter, Don’t You Know - Chicago Central District

S’more Men In W.M.S.

The Masons Speed, Ora Lovelace


5 Missionary Campaigns, Rev. W. A. Eckel

To All Missionaries— A Crusade for Souls

The Way of Prayer

Can W.M.S. Funds Be Used For District Budget?


6 Farewell Service For Miss Lovelace, Erna Patterson

The Crusade For Souls Sacrifice Offering Easter Sunday

Dr. Julia Gibson A Retired Missionary

The Lord’s Coming And Missions, A. B. Simpson

Independent “Nazarene” Mission In India

A Thanksgiving Feast – Maine

To Help Missions


7 Palestine: Jerusalem Notes A. H. Kauffman, M.A.

S.W. Mexican: Mexican Border Work,  E. Y. Davis

Some Missionary Studies, A. H. Kauffman

His Priceless Gift, Elfleda Benjamin  (poem)         


8 Peru After Six Months In Peru, Ira N. Taylor

The Orange A Type Of Holiness

9 India Third Annual Camp Meeting, Samuel J. Bhujabal

10 Africa: Great Victory In Africa, Miss Louise Robinson

11 China: After Twenty Years, Miss Ida Vieg

  China — The Man By The Wayside, Geoffrey W. Royall

12 The Boys’ and Girls’ Page

  The Great Easter Offering, Mary E. Cove

  Don’t, E.A.Guest (poem)

13 The Boys’ and Girls’ Picture Page

14 Women’s Missionary Society, Mrs. T. D. Aughey,

15 District Reports

  Alabama, Clara C. Chilton

  Alberta, Mrs. H. J. Bean

  Arizona, Mrs. Laura J. Wolf

  Arkansas, Mrs. M. R. Dutton

  Florida, Virginia B Moore

  North Pacific, A. Gertrude Norris

  Kansas City, Mrs. D.S Corlett


16 A Call to Prayer – World Day of Prayer, March 8, l935

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