The Role of the Microbiome in Human Health

Research paper
The human microbiota is a thriving ecosystem that has remained a great mystery, as we have yet to develop a complete understanding of its complex nature and capabilities. Nonetheless, numerous studies have demonstrated its significant role in an individual’s physical and mental health. Overall, a high diversity of endosymbiotic gut microbiota has been shown to be a key determinant of host health due to its molecular interactions with bodily systems, including the immune and nervous systems. Alternatively, the disruption of the homeostasis between the gut microbiome and host, also known as dysbiosis, has been associated with a variety of pathologies. The aim of this project, therefore, is to present the available evidence regarding the ways one can potentially maximize human gut microbial diversity in order to strengthen the efficiency of the host's immune response. Moreover, because a relationship between high microbial diversity and the maintenance of optimal physical and mental health has been suggested based upon numerous studies, this project seeks to propose human microbiome manipulation for the potential prevention or minimization of the occurrence of disease and behavioral abnormalities within the individual.


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