Sermons That Search the Soul

Taken from the Introduction:

"Sermons that Search the Soul" is the result of knowledge that has been gained through the experiences and observations of each and every day of a busy life through a period of years. A rich, deep, radical religious experience, years of application in the school of hard knocks and privation incident to pioneer work (into which he seemed to be providentially led in early life) extensive reading, close observation, association with denominational and interdenominational holiness evangelism, extensive travel, including a trip around the world, constant writing of tracts, books on various subjects constitute an education and preparation that has fitted Elmer Ellsworth Shelhamer to write and collect the contents of this book."

Table of Contents:

01 -- Helps and Hindrances to a Revival
02 -- On Resisting the Spirit
03 -- On Grieving the Spirit
04 -- On Quenching the Spirit
05 -- On Being Led by the Spirit
06 -- On Being Filled With the Spirit
07 -- On The Witness of the Spirit
08 -- General and Specific Light
09 -- The Easiest and Hardest Thing to Do
10 -- The Man Who Lived too Long
11 -- The Man Who Died too Soon
12 -- Worse Than a Dog
13 -- Steps in Seeking Holiness
14 -- Surmounting Difficulties
15 -- Spirit Pressure
16 -- The Scope of Redemption
17 -- What It Costs to Be Damned
18 -- The Death of the Soul
18 -- The Value of Tribulation
20 -- A Last Message to the Church
21 -- A Brief Sketch of the Author's Life
22 -- Struggle for an Education
23 -- Peculiar Covenants
24 -- Discretion Toward Women
25 -- A Few Tests
26 -- Too Busy
27 -- A Warrior, Yet Peaceful
28 -- A Perpetual Honeymoon

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