Singing Disciples

Abstract: Singing Disciples is written, not as an exhaustive treatise on church music, but as a brief, practical manual designed to assist the average church and the average church musician "toward better church music." Those interested in a more formal or liturgical type of service will find nothing of any particular interest here. But for the Church of the Nazarene, which adheres to the less formal, free, spontaneous type of service, we offer a kind of philosophy of church music, based on what we feel is clearly portrayed in the New Testament as the character and spirit of the music in the Early Church.

*** Disclaimer from the Introduction: "Given the widely differing views on this subject, even among holiness people, it is not without some misgivings that I place this book in the HDM Library. We do not do so to cast forth a "bone of contention," but rather to put forth those views of the author which may be useful to all, at least in part. OUR ADVICE CONCERNING THIS BOOK... Pick from it what thoughts and suggestions you feel to be good, and helpful, and disregard the rest. -- DVM with HDM"

Table of Contents:

1- Singing Disciples
2- A Singing Church
3- Congregational Singing
4- Special Singing
5- Instruments in the Church
6- Toward Better Church Music

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