The Mediator - Volume XIV, Number 1 July 2019


The present Mediator issue is an exercise in Wesleyan theology. We begin with a study of pneumatology from a Wesleyan perspective, with special emphasis on implications for the Church (Davis). This is followed by four articles that explore experiential aspects of theology as demonstrated by Wesleyan-Holiness women (Pring) and as recommended for work with children (Lotha and Olumbe) and adults (Ning Ngaih Lian). Rounding out this issue, once again we feature the abstracts from the theses and dissertations of the current graduates from APNTS’s various degree programs.


USA-Canada Sourcebook on Ordination

USA/Canada Region Course of Study Advisory Committee 2015
Validated February 2016

Welcome to the Sourcebook on Ordination for the USA/Canada Region Church of the Nazarene. If you are an education provider, this is the guide for you to create and operate an educational program for ministry that meets the International and USA/Canada Region’s requirements of the Church of the Nazarene. If you are a district board of ministry member, this guide will assist you in overseeing the education of women and men pursuing a call to ordained ministry.


Basic Lessons of Ministries

Congratulations for having led your Christian brother or sister this far through the discipleship process, and now you’re preparing to accompany him or her through the Basic Lessons of Ministries! During the past months, you have been able to establish a close relationship of friendship with your disciple, helping to build a strong foundation for a new life in Christ. You have also probably grown much as well, and the process of discipleship continues.

Listening and learning from various entities on the perceived dynamics that help children thrive: Implications for practical action towards holistic mission and discipleship of children

Background of the Study This section is adapted from Menchit Wong’s prospectus for PH CAR Forum entitled, “Moving from Risk to Thriving: On Mission To, For, and With Children-At-Risk” (Wong 2018, 1). The 2010 Third Lausanne Compress on World Evangelization produced the Cape Town Commitment (CTC) Call to Action on Children. This was truly a defining moment in Evangelical Church history.



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