Emmaus Road Course

The Emmaus Road Course was recently developed as a training tool for new pastors in fast growing churches. It is designed to be taught by pastors or mentors. You are encouraged to translate and duplicate this course into the language(s) of your district. The course consists of five 20-hour sections.

These materials are a general resource and are being used in the Horn of Africa. You are free to use, multiply, and contextualize them as is appropriate for your ministry setting.


Mentoring the Next Generation

Younger pastors crave the wise and careful attentiveness of more seasoned ministers in their lives. This workshop presents basic guidelines for finding or becoming a mentor, suggested topics/resources for your meetings, and a discussion about the variety of ways mentoring relationships can happen.

The Teenage Brain and the Church

Neuroscience is at the forefront as we are learning about the psychosocial and spiritual development of adolescents (age 10 1/2 to 24). What does this mean for youth ministry? What does this mean for the Church?

Managing Stress in Ministry

What are the primary stressors for the men and women who serve in pastoral ministry? Which of these stressors are unique to the pastoral vocation? How can we adjust to the working conditions of the pastorate so that we strive and succeed instead of stressing out or burning out?

Transformational Online Experience for Discipleship

Discover a discipleship process that can result in the development of ministry leaders in any local church through a free interactive website. You will see why thousands of laity have utilized this website to help them grow in their walk with Christ and how it can be tailored for any local church context. Learn about the new coaching initiative as well as a mobile app that is going to be made available to every local church.

The Work of the Pastor

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Neville Bartle
Scott Stargel

The work of pastors is different from other jobs. They don’t work to become rich or to achieve more prestige. Rather, they often work long hours for little or no salary. Why does anyone want to become a pastor? Because pastors are called by God to this special mission.

This book covers the various aspects of what it means to be a pastor, especially in the various cultures of the world where local churches are rarely able to support a pastor with a full-time salary.


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