The Effect of Supplemental Podcasts on Test Scores of RN to BSN Research Course Students

Abstract: For over 50 years the profession of nursing has voiced the belief that the level of the Baccalaureate Degree should be required for entry into the practice of professional nursing. Despite the increasing complexity of the healthcare environment through the years, the status quo prevails. In 2010, challenged by the Institute of Medicine to achieve 80% of practicing nurses with a BSN by 2020, institutes of higher education are clamoring to fill the gap between Associate Degree and BSN nurses.


Sympathy or Empathy?

2015 Week of Scholarship 7x7 Challenge presentation, Dr. Karen D. Wiegman and faculty colleagues, "Sympathy or Empathy?"

Link to video:

Exploring the Concept of Compassion in Nursing: a Qualitative Study

Poster presented at the MNU Week of Scholarship Faculty Poster Session, April 2015. Describes a study looking at the concept of compassionate care and integral nursing.


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