Two Times of the Same Story: Comparable Themes in 17th Century Poetry and 21st Century Rap Music

In the study of literature, we look to poets to communicate to us by putting the “best words in their best order,” as stated by Samuel Taylor Coleridge. The rhythm of poetry transcends music, and even the simple rhythm of reading poetry aloud presents a musicality without needing the help of instruments.



Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
Jarette Aycock

This book is a collection of poems around the theme of the role of motherhood. Poems included are: "A Tribute to Mother," "A Mother's Influence," "I Want to See My Boy," "Prisoner's Song," "Somebody Prays," "My Mother's Influence," "Tell Your Mother How Much You Love Her," "Mother Believes in You," "Mothers Build Morale," "Good-bye Son," "No Mother," "The Love of a Mother," "When Mother Prayed," "A Singing Mother," "A Hungry Heart," "Mother's Old Songs," "A Mother's Faith," "A Mother Holds On," "Preaching Before Mother," and "Mother Is Gone."

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