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Sunday School - Elementary, Year 3 (Student & Teacher)

Discipleship Ministries of the Mesoamerica Region (Church of the Nazarene) presents its complete collection of books for Christian education for children.

This series is designed for students and teachers of children from 4 to 11 years of age. Children will learn the lessons of the Bible according to their age. At the end of their elementary school years, they will have gone through the challenging biblical stories as well as various appropriate themes for each stage of their childhood and pre-teenage years.

Living Water


Newsletters published by J.O. McClurkan,1903-1919.

Digitized from microfilm.  Many issues are missing pages.

Holy Living in a Pagan Context: Studies in First and Second Peter

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
H. Ray Dunning



First Peter

Part One - Indicatives of Identity and Blessing
     Chapter 1 - Resident Aliens (1:1; 2:11)
     Chapter 2 - God's Chosen People (1:2)
     Chapter 3 - Salvation Benefits (1:3-5)
     Chapter 4 - The New Temple (2:4-8)
     Chapter 5 - The New Israel (2:9-10)

The Quest for Happiness: A Wesleyan View of the Good Life

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
H. Ray Dunning


Chapter 1:  Happiness - the Universal Quest, p. 9
Chapter 2:  Classical Views of Happiness, p. 13
Chapter 3:  Christian Responses to the Quest for Happiness, p. 17
Chapter 4:  Happiness in the Old Testament, p. 23
Chapter 5:  The Kingdom of God and Happiness, p. 29
Chapter 6:  John Wesley on Happiness, p. 36
Chapter 7:  Holiness and Happiness, p. 53
Chapter 8:  The Higher Happiness, p. 64
Chapter 9:  Final Observations, p. 84

Eurasia: Bountiful Blessings

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
R. Franklin Cook
Gustavo Crocker
Jerald Johnson
T. W. Schofield

A compilation of the personal experiences of key leaders who have invested their lives in Eurasia and who were willing to chronicle their time as pioneers on this region.

In Quest of a Holiness Ethic

Author, Editor, Compiler, etc.: 
H. Ray Dunning

Subtitle:  A History of Ethics in the Church of the Nazarene the First 75 years


Introduction, pg. 1

Chapter 1: The Doctrinal source of Nazarene Ethics, pg. 6
     Wesley's Ethical Emphasis
     Wesley's View of Sanctification
     Wesleyanism in America
     The Keswick Influence
     Nazarene Spokesmen on Sanctification

Chapter 2: Historical Sources of Nazarene Ethics, pg. 49
     Documentary Sources
     Socio-Historical Sources

Resourcing the Postmodern Pastor: An Examination of Young Pastors’ Attitudes and the Implications for Denominational Publishers

The researcher concluded that there is a subtle but unmistakable paradigm shift in thinking on the part of 35-or-younger pastors, who demonstrated statistically significant differences from the 36-or-older group in most questions in the section of the survey instrument pertaining to worldview, matters of authority, salvation, Scripture, the church and the world, spiritual practices, and faith formation in the local context.


Pastor's Kids: Perceptions and Experiences of Family, Friends, the Church, and God

This study explored how the experience of being a pastor’s kid impacts a person’s relationship with God, their family, their friends, and the Church, and how they perceive and have experienced these institutions and relationships throughout their lives. Ten pastor’s kids participated in one hour long interviews, with questions ranging from general information about themselves to more pointed questions about how being a pastor’s kid has impacted different areas of their life.



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