Turning to the East

Approaching the subject of the human condition from non-Christian viewpoints in Europe means diverging somewhat from what has previously gone before us in thisdiscussion. While we have discussed original sin from the perspective of Christian history and from various viewpoints, we have had no need to engage the world as yet, at least until we have some consensus on what we believe. The world of religion and ideology, we have found, has little if any concept of human depravity that has resulted from an act of rebellion against a personal and moral God in history or that this depravity pervades the whole human race. We will look into this assertion more carefully in what follows.

I propose that our particular purpose will be to look selectively at dominant non-Christian ideologies that are most evident on the European scene, focusing on those aspects most closely related to our subject—sin and the concept of original sin. We can be confident that even a short and somewhat superficial study will bear significant information regarding our context of ministry and mission in Europe.


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