What is the function of the lamb in Revelation 5?


The thesis of this study is that the function of the lamb metaphor in Revelation 5 serves to reveal the nature of God and the way God achieves victory over evil. Through John’s use of the lamb metaphor, the way of the Roman Empire is revealed as a false ideology, true victory is revealed, and the way of the lamb is made known to his followers. John wrote this document in a   particular time period and cultural context. He employed specific literary devices from the apocalyptic genre that shaped the way he described the narrative. The centerpiece of this project is John’s use of metaphor, the lion and lamb metaphors in particular. In his throne room scene in Revelation 5, John transformed the expected narrative, thus transforming the nature of God’s  victory over evil. This thesis is rooted in a study of the first century cultural context, most shaped by the Roman Empire and the literary apocalyptic movement. The document is historically conditioned, and the first century social situation is the backdrop for this thesis in reference to the metaphors John employed and the message in his apocalypse.


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