Who's in Charge Today: Implementing Child-Centered Play Therapy Groups in School Settings

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The weight of responsibility for every child in a school causes the school counselor’s office to resemble a revolving door. After the demands of guidance lessons, team meetings, crisis intervention, and classroom teachers’ struggles, many school counselors have difficulty meeting the needs of students with social skills deficits or low self-esteem. Too often school counselors find themselves lamenting, “I wish I had more time to meet with individual children!” Because of this all-too-realistic scenario, Mary Roy, a licensed school counselor, began to seek ways to implement Child-Centered Play Therapy (CCPT) in elementary schools. Slightly modifying the typical principles of CCPT groups to include a specific structure for group leadership, Ms. Roy developed a method that has now been implemented at several schools in the U.S and at an international school in Thailand. This article will highlight an innovative use of the basic CCPT group method, as modified by Ms. Roy, and relate the experiences of involved counselors and teachers.

Journal article authored by Pamela S. Davis and Mary L. Fry.


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